Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How to Create a Rustic Kitchen Design

The term "rustic" is often used when it comes to home design, but how does one actually achieve the style? These key elements of a rustic kitchen will create a simple, homey space reminiscent of the warm and inviting countryside.

Dark Wood and Warm Colors 
A kitchen with rustic design elements

In order to create a rustic kitchen design, it's helpful to think of the kitchen area as the hearth of the home. A hearth is traditionally where families once gathered to prepare and enjoy freshly cooked food or spend time around the fire. To recreate this feeling, use dark wood surfaces and pops of warm colors like red, orange, or a sienna brown to mimic embers and flames. These colors don't need to make up the entire color scheme of the kitchen, but relying on dark brown furnishings and orange or red accents such as brick can make it seem like the kitchen radiates warmth.

Include Stone Elements

Similarly to how pops of warm colors can create the image of fire, stone elements will remind visitors and family members of a simpler time long ago. Many rustic kitchens include walls made of tumbled river rock or flagstone floors. For a more modern twist on the rustic aesthetic, homeowners can opt for classic countertops made of quartz or granite.

Distressed Paint Finishes

The thought of chipped paint may make many homeowners shudder, but purposefully chipped or distressed painted surfaces can provide a homey, comfortable, and rustic appearance in kitchens. It's easy to go on a treasure hunt for worn furniture pieces at antique stores or flea markets or to create a distressed finish using paint. These and any other rustic elements can also be added to a bathroom, bedroom, or any other space to tie the home's design together.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

An Introduction to Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Remodeling a kitchen is a fun, exciting process, especially for dedicated home chefs...but it can also be a little intimidating. The process comes with a huge range of decisions to make, from backsplash color to cabinet styles. When it comes to the doors of your new cabinets, there are numerous styles to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular options to make this decision a little easier.

Traditional Overlay Doors 
A newly renovated kitchen

The most common style of kitchen cabinets is traditional overlays, sometimes called partial or standard overlay. These are the most affordable cabinets, but they also have aesthetic appeal. These doors and drawers are mounted on the face of the cabinet box, covering only part of the frame. The doors and drawers are smaller than other styles, making them less expensive but also offering slightly less storage space. They’re a great option for rental properties and first-time homeowners.

Expect to spend: $

Full Overlay Doors

For a more custom look, homeowners should consider full overlay doors that cover almost the entire cabinet face. These offer more storage space, but they’re a little more expensive than traditional overlay doors because they’re larger. Many homeowners find that their smooth, contemporary look is worth the additional cost.

Expect to spend: $$

Slab/Flat Panel Doors

Slab, or flat panel doors, sit completely flat against the cabinet frame, without being raised or recessed. The fronts are made of one simple slab of wood, often either real hardwood or quality engineered wood. They require a precise manufacturing process to avoid warping, bending, and other errors. This, in addition to the higher quality materials, contributes to their higher cost. The simple design fits well with homeowners looking for a modern or contemporary kitchen.

Expect to spend: $$$

Inset Doors

Inset cabinet doors are the most unique style, but they’re also the priciest option. With this style, the cabinet drawers and doors fit flush with the cabinet face frame openings. They use revealed or concealed hinges with door stops inside the cabinet boxes. These cabinets are made of heavier materials and require the most attention to detail in craftsmanship, resulting in high quality and a distinct, beautiful look.

Expect to spend: $$$$

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Tips for Jazzing Up a Small Bathroom

Due to a lack of extra space to work with, designing any small room can be a challenge. This is especially true of small bathrooms, which are supposed to feel comfortable and allow for easy movement from one area to another. Luckily, there are a number of strategies that can open up a small bathroom and help it to shine in design and function.

Tricking the Eye 
A new shower in a bathroom

One of the best ways to make any small room seem larger is to trick the eye into seeing more than what's really there, and bathrooms have a few elements that make this a snap to pull off. An easy trick is to install a larger mirror that extends beyond the limits of the vanity counter; the more of the room that gets reflected, the bigger the room will seem. In a similar strategy, using a clear glass shower door instead of an opaque curtain opens the bathroom up to its true limits instead of an artificial one created by a curtain.

Cutting Corners

Another strategy for opening up a small bathroom is to eliminate anything that sticks out and invades the room's precious free space. Mounting a towel rack on the shower door instead of the wall, installing a vanity counter with rounded edges, and utilizing built-in shelves and toilet paper holders are all simple ways to accomplish this. Just like in the kitchen, less clutter means a more functional space with extra room to move around in.

Simplifying Design Elements

A visually busy bathroom will make the space feel smaller and more crowded. Simplify a small bathroom's look by limiting its walls and accessories to two basic colors, and install larger floor tiles, preferably on a diagonal, to create the illusion of more square footage. Also, be aware of the effects of small details: excessively small veins and designs in tiles or wood paneling will only make the entire room feel small.

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