Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Four Creative Ways to Maximize Kitchen Space

While smaller kitchens can feel cozy, they can quickly become cluttered and chaotic without proper storage space. Check out these simple tips to help expand storage opportunities and create a unique, welcoming space.

Make Use of Shelf Space

A kitchen with white subway tile and open shelving

Adding a few simple shelves above kitchen cabinets or a window can add storage and display space for items not used daily, such as cocktail glasses or appliances like pressure or rice cookers. Shelves can even be added inside already built kitchen cabinets. Remodeling cabinets to make space for a few more shelves can help declutter counter space or relieve a disorganized pantry.

Incorporate a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can solve many of the storage, function, and display issues of smaller kitchens. Skip the remodeling and convert a rollaway cart with drawers and shelves as the kitchen island. This also helps solve smaller floor space issues that can't accommodate an island in the middle of the kitchen. Kitchen islands can even provide extra seating when entertaining guests or can be used as an additional serving area.

Use Bright, Colorful Storage Containers

Embrace the open-air storage situation of a small kitchen by using colorful jars and containers to store everything from spices, napkins, utensils, and even produce. A variety of container shapes and colors can help complement the overall design while adding cheerful pops of color.

Put Open Wall Space to Work

Spacious walls can easily be converted as storage space. Use a magnetic knife strip to organize knives and hold other metal cookware and utensils. A pegboard can also be installed to hang utensils that would normally take up valuable drawer and counter space.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Which Bathroom Finish Is Right For Your Project?

 Remodeling can be an exciting opportunity to show off your creative endeavors, especially in the bathroom or other personalized spaces in your home. While this space is more private and can be overlooked in home renovations, choosing the right bathroom finish can complement the room beautifully. With endless affordable options, here are several bathroom remodel finishes that can enhance any design.

Chrome Finishes
A large stand-alone bath tub

Chrome bathroom remodel finishes tend to be more popular due to their affordability and sleek look. This finish is available in many options for bathroom appliances and is also very durable. Routine cleaning is a must for chrome finishes, as this material can easily pick up fingerprints and water spots with frequent use. Using household cleaning products or wiping down the surfaces with a clean towel will do the trick to keep your surfaces clean and glowing.

Polished, Satin, and Brushed Nickel Finishes

Nickel finishes come in three different styles, so you have plenty to choose from if you're designing a new bathroom. Polished nickel is the most expensive out of the three, looking very similar to chrome. Satin and brushed nickel finishes are quite similar in style; however, brushed nickel finishes have brush marks going in the same direction on the surface. Satin finishes are created with a particular treatment process to achieve a subtle, muted look.


Copper finishes, unlike others, have natural antibacterial properties that help keep the surface clean from wear and tear. These natural healing properties help scratches fade over time with no additional maintenance required from the homeowner. Copper also boasts a luxurious look and complements marble and granite surfaces.

Brass Finishes

Brass finishes easily align with a vintage aesthetic due to its classical look, with both polished and satin options. With gold’s rising popularity, brass is the cheaper option that can still successfully elevate an ornate design. Although it's more expensive than other common finishes, both polished finishes and satin finishes are very easy to keep clean and are durable, making this a great option for homes with young children.

Mixed Metals

As more bathroom remodel finishes rise in popularity, it's no surprise that a newer trend seen now is mixing metals. Sticking with neutral finishes such as chrome and white or brushed nickel and bronze can offer a space more dimension and personality.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Six Tips to Give an Outdated Rochester Kitchen a Modern Makeover

Woman preparing meal in newly renovated kitchen
A kitchen update can dramatically improve a home's appearance and function. To transform a space that's well past its prime into a beautiful modern kitchen, start with these six smart strategies.

Hardware Upgrades

Professional designers often recommend switching old fixtures for contemporary versions with appealing finishes. Copper, brushed gold, stainless steel, and matte aluminum can instantly upgrade the kitchen's faucet, range hood, drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and other metal odds and ends.

Colored Cabinets

Sleek white farmhouse cabinets have been a kitchen mainstay for a few years now. While that look will always be a classic, painted cabinets give new cachet to kitchen storage. Update existing cabinets with styles in warm gray, sage green, royal purple, or even robin's egg blue. For a trendy effect, don't be afraid to go bold with color in the kitchen.

Timeless Flooring

Vinyl and linoleum floors are popular in the kitchen because they're affordable, low-maintenance, and easy care. However, these designs don't stand the test of time as well as their more durable counterparts. Give your kitchen long-lasting appeal by choosing stone, tile, slate, or travertine. Homeowners can even find ceramic tile that looks exactly like real wood.

Contemporary Counters

New polymer and resin countertops are high-quality, attractive, durable, and easy to clean. Natural stone counters are available at every price point, with options that include granite, quartz, and marble. Both options offer an instant update for old vinyl or tile counters.

Smart Storage

Minimalist homeowners love the design and function of concealed storage. Clever cabinetry can hide everything from appliances to trashcans for a completely modern take on Swedish-inspired furnishings.

Those who prefer a more ornate aesthetic can take out the cabinets completely and replace them with open shelving that serves as a decorative element in and of itself.

Efficient Appliances

Consider going green when it's time to replace appliances. Choose Energy Star-certified models and switch fixtures for low-flow versions. Homeowners who are dedicated to the environment can take advantage of eco-friendly design features like integrated composting capabilities.

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