Monday, November 18, 2019

Kitchen Renovation Tips for Large Families

People enjoying food spread in a newly remodeled kitchen
Because eating is such a communal activity, the kitchen is where many families spend most of their time together. The kitchen has to work for the family, both practically and aesthetically. This can be a challenge for large families because most kitchens aren't designed to accommodate groups of seven, eight, or nine people. However, these kitchen renovation tips can help any family turn their kitchen into a beautiful, workable space.

Install an Island

Perhaps the most family-friendly improvement that can be made in the kitchen is the addition of an island. An island serves two purposes by providing another surface for preparing food and extra seating to accommodate people who can't fit at the table. Cabinets can also be added to an island for additional storage space.

Play With Height

When renovating their kitchens, families may want to have a few countertops that are accessible to children who are old enough to make simple snacks for themselves and their younger siblings. Once the children outgrow the lowered spaces, they can be used as makeshift tables or coffee bars.

Safety First

The kitchen is one of the most hazardous areas of the home. It's filled with sharp objects, large appliances, and hot surfaces. Safety should always be the first consideration for kitchen installations for families with numerous children. Choosing countertops with rounded corners can help prevent painful bumps and bruises. It's also helpful to install safety locks on cabinets and drawers that children can reach. Slow-close hinges add another level of protection to prevent tiny fingers from getting hurt by cabinet doors. As most parents know, if kids can find it, they will get into it. So it's important to make the kitchen as safe as possible for the youngest members of the family.

Design Your Remodel Today

If you're considering making a change to your kitchen, Four Points Remodeling can design and build a space that works for you. Our expert designers and craftsmen have helped families in Rochester and the surrounding areas improve their homes. We can make your kitchen safe and functional for every member of your family. Take a look at some of our previous work by browsing our portfolio. To learn more about our services, call us today at 585-385-0003.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Three Ways to Use Shelves to Organize Any Bathroom

When it comes to storage and organization, many families struggle with space in their bathrooms. Whether they have a little clutter or a lot, shelves offer one way for homeowners to take advantage of unused bathroom space without sacrificing style or functionality.

Consider Open Shelves

White wall shelves organizing bathroom towels and soap

It started in the kitchen, with designers displaying pretty dishes, glassware, and trinkets on open shelves as a minimalist alternative to cabinets. The design statement soon turned into a trendy way to make the most of wall space in the bathroom. Open shelves work in bathrooms of all sizes and can be installed anywhere: over toilets, above or below mirrors, as alternatives to vanities, and more. Nearly any shelving material works, so homeowners can easily undertake this project without a full bathroom redesign. But open shelves can easily become cluttered, so they’re best suited for the minimalists out there.

Get Creative

There are plenty of attractive shelving solutions for those dealing with clutter, including store-bought items. That doesn’t mean ugly plastic drawers; a ladder shelf, for example, is a functional yet stylish place to store towels, toiletries, and tasteful accessories in attractive baskets and containers. Store-bought drawer organizers and revolving trays can help with storage and organization out-of-sight, too. It’s easy to find chic, practical ways to avoid cluttered shelves and cabinets by thinking outside the box.

Take Advantage of Recessed Spaces

Recessed spaces don’t have to be wasted – they make the perfect place for built-in shelving units! Shelves can easily be installed in any small nook and cranny, which may be obvious or hidden behind drywall. Alternatively, built-ins can be created during a bathroom installation by adjusting the size of the shower. A remodeling company can help homeowners find shelving solutions based on their existing bathroom design.

Talk to the Pros Today

When you need more shelving or storage space, Four Points Remodeling can help your family find solutions. Whether you need bathroom storage or want to design your dream kitchen, count on us for home renovation services. Check out our portfolio for design inspiration, then call Four Points Remodeling at 585-385-0003 to start your next project!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tips for Seamlessly Incorporating Appliances Into Your Kitchen Design

Designing the perfect kitchen can be a classic struggle between form and function. On the one hand, a kitchen is central to the life of a home and its inhabitants, so it should look beautiful and inviting. On the other hand, a well-equipped kitchen that can be used to whip up a wide variety of meals and then clean up afterward needs a good number of appliances and other equipment. The trick is finding the right balance with a clean, uncluttered space that still has all the necessary accessories.

Install an Island

Cozy kitchen with white walls and cabinets and stainless steal appliances

A kitchen island is a great way to free up space for those appliances that are used every day like the microwave and coffee maker. In addition to being a place where appliances can live, an island can also be kept entirely clear for food prep. This way, there's no competing for space on countertops when trying to chop and prep for meals. Either way, islands spread out the clutter and make the kitchen seem more spacious. When designing an island, be sure to request that electrical outlets are numerous and easy to reach.

An Appliance Garage

From blenders and magic bullets to bread makers and pressure cookers, it's great to experiment with all the fun kitchen toys out there. Chances are, however, that they won't all be in use at the same time. A good design solution can be having one large cabinet or drawer somewhere out of the way, like above the refrigerator, that houses all these appliances. They can be pulled out and used as needed and put back in their mini-garage afterward. This helps keep the design of the kitchen clean and simple.

In-Drawer Outlets

One thing that many companies offering kitchen design services have started popularizing is the use of outlets inside pull-out drawers or cabinets. This allows things to be plugged in and in use without taking up space on the countertop. Having an outlet inside a drawer is especially useful for charging devices like cellphones, iPads, etc., without leaving them lying out.

Four Points Remodeling provides kitchen design services that can deliver the kitchen of your dreams. Not only do we design kitchens, but we also install them, so you can be sure that nothing is lost in translation. Check out our portfolio of recent kitchen projects or read testimonials from happy customers to get an idea of what we can do for you. When you're ready to start a conversation about your ideal kitchen, give us a call at 585-385-0003 to speak to one of our design specialists.